“If you want yo…


“If you want your writing to penetrate someone else’s imagination, you can’t expect them to manage the burden of your brood of unnecessary sentiments, tangents and words.”

– Rita J. King
EVP, Science House

…must try to do this…


Inspiration for your Monday

If you’re having a rough start to the week, if you’ve ever felt low, if you’ve ever thought you’ve had a tough day or a tough road or a tough year… I encourage you to to read a post of a friend of mine. She is pregnant with her third child, her second child just turned two and her first child, who is preschool-aged, is battling a rare disease and has recently had complications from a bone marrow transplant. Her writing and her God-centeredness are powerful, raw, real, and inspiring. From her blog, Like Olive Shoots:
Journal Entry #3: Truths That I’ve Learned the Hard Way.