The Sleepytime Two-Step

One step forward:  FINALLY got little man to stop using me as a human pacifier last week. We are officially one week out of comfort nursing. 

Two steps back:  And now he wants to be cuddled. for. ever. When I stealthily place his snoring body in his crib and ninja-like untangle my arms from him, he can sense that his body has broken the plane of the crib and begins to cry. Or scream. And wakes his brother. Or father. Or both. Criminy!

So it’s with mixed emotions that I introduce the next dance: the Ferber Tango, sure to be full of all the passion and drama you’d expect. Ah, but first to the doctor’s office to make sure it’s not double ear infection (or something similar) induced cuddling. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish this pot of coffee.