Love is letting your stuffy-nosed, sleepy toddler’s spit run from his mouth down his chin, drip onto your shoulder, slide down your arm without even flinching as you slowly rock him because you don’t want to wake him up.


Surly Valentine

Where to start with this year’s Valentine’s Day?

With Wednesday night, when we were up every hour or so with a coughing preschooler or with a crabby toddler?

With Tuesday, when both kids were home, with fever and stomach bug, respectively?

With Monday night, when I got four different Poltergeist-style dousing of stomach contents from the little one? Followed by several blow-outs, most especially the one in the middle of the night?

Or perhaps Friday night, whereupon arriving home from school, the little one emptied the contents of his stomach in his high chair as we ate dinner?

I know it’s just one of those times and I’m extremely grateful for the really quite excellent health we normally enjoy. While it’s not ideal, we have tried to make the best of this unexpected time together. Henry and I made some Valentine’s Day cupcakes today, which we munched on throughout the day (Henry called it a “cupcake party), and after our fancy dinner of Taco Bell (Henry likes their quesadillas and cinnamon twists), which Daddy brought home. Cupcakes and Taco Bell with my three favorite Valentine’s, now that’s not too bad.

Hope you’re having a good one, too!