Caterpillar room

School was pretty insistent that we take Frederick to the doctor. They didn’t directly say that he wouldn’t be let back in tomorrow, but that seemed to be the subtext. To spare you the gory details, he has had some “tummy issues” for the past three days and I can understand – and share in – the concern, but he hasn’t hit on any of their “exclusions” at this point. But besides that, he’s a little touchy, but not really acting that ill. No fever, eating okay, not dehydrated. The teachers make it sound like he’s moping around pretty badly at school, but that hasn’t been the case here at home.

Frederick recently graduated to what’s known as the “Two’s Room.” To give you an idea of what that’s like, I think a reasonable comparison would be between the Butterfly room (the calm sort of room he was in before) to the Caterpillar room (his new room) in Toy Story 3. The movie suggests that the older children play more calmly and quietly with the toys and after the rough-and-tumble playtime with the toddlers, Buzz respectfully requests a transfer to the Butterfly room. Ummmmm, ok.  Seeing Henry in action with his cohorts in his classroom gives me strong doubts about the calm setting in yet, but maybe it’s because I’m looking at the rambunctious boys. Incidentally, Toy Story 3 is an awesome movie and quite enjoyable as the animated genre goes. Moms, have your tissue ready, but it’s a good kind of cry.

I’m not saying that Frederick’s funny tummy is due to the stress of changing rooms, but maybe his frequent crying and strong desire to be held a lot is. At any rate, the doctor found nothing wrong, warned us about the signs of dehydration and sent us on our way. Whereupon arriving home Frederick was pretty content to chill and read some books. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of his new animal sounds and seeing how he freely shares his hugs and kisses.  Below are two vids featuring Mr. Frederick and his animal sounds and kisses and hugs. That is a sweeeeet kissy-face, let me tell you!


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