Project: favorites

There will come a day when the boys are grown and they may ask me about their favorite things as they were growing up. And although having great desire to do a scrapbook does not actually produce one, this will have to be my digital scrapbook.

Therefore, some of my next entries will be about the “favorites,” both those self-reported and observed. This little foray has been brought on by several things, in no particular order:
– how different the boys are
– how when I ask my mom something about my childhood I can generally expect a response in the manner of, “oh Monica! How should I know? I don’t remember, that was thirty-[ahem] years ago!”
– how Frank and I struggle to remember some of the “milestones” from Henry’s toddlerhood
– how I’m amazed at their development, growing as individuals, sons, brothers. It’s really cool to be a part of it.

Below the photo is of Henry watching an animated Batman movie. He currently love all things Super Hero. We in general indulge this, although I quietly hope we’re not desensitizing him to violence. But we can draw a distinction between animated, boxy Lego-shaped villains and real people, right?

Meanwhile, Frederick cuddles his swaddled baby. He lights up when he sees a baby’s face, so we weren’t surprised when he hugged and kissed the baby doll, which we pulled out of a toy bin. But when he rocked and sang to the baby, that took us a bit by surprise. He says a perfect little “BAY-bee,” too. Wicked adorable.

Oh, and don’t even start with the “little sister” or “time for a third?” bullshit. No, no it’s not time. We are enjoying our family as-is, thanks.



One thought on “Project: favorites

  1. Thank you for starting to post again Monica! I love this form of keeping up, and you are such a great writer. I have missed these updates!

    Love you

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