Champagne flu

Take it from me: a stomach bug is an inauspicious start to the new year.

But I’m hopeful that it will soon (completely) pass, and without me passing it to the rest of the household.

All day on Jan. 1 I spent trying to convince my dear husband (and maybe just a little bit myself) that I was not feeling ill from too much champagne. We didn’t whoop it up that night, but enjoyed a day in watching movies and yes, a bit of champagne, and a lovely walk and a quiet bath in the ne’er used jacuzzi.

But I felt soooo bad! Like winded going down the stairs bad. No relief except for sleeping bad. Poor husband’s day off with ill wife bad. But this morning I awoke and was still ill. A bit better, but I’m hoping this last little but of whatever I have has run its course.

And if not completely physically better, my conscience is clear that I really do have something other than the champagne flu(te).

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