Holiday Cheer: Now Extended!

Before Christmas, the boys’ school had a mini Christmas pageant with all the classrooms of kids. The infants and toddlers were featured in a “fashion show,” and the teachers shared some personal tidbits about each kid (Frederick’s favorite song is Five Little Monkeys). The preschool classes sang songs (Frosty the Snowman) and described the pictures they drew about their favorite winter things to do (Henry: go sledding).

The two videos below aren’t too painful to watch. So go ahead and extend your holiday cheer just a little bit longer.



Curled up on the most comfortable couch surrounded by pillows, wearing lounge wear, skin clean and smooth and moisturized and hair clean and smelling of mint and flowers, I enjoy a coffee and treat as I sit in my favorite room of my house and take in a moment of quiet. Looking out the windows, powdery snow swirls and falls silently as a couple strolls on the trail behind the house. The sky to the southwest is an ombré ranging from the lightest dove grey to cantaloupe. The only sound I hear when I stop typing is the faint whisper from the furnace vent. Contentment.