…aaaand we’re back.

The season of giving thanks and seeing my boys grow up before my very eyes has moved me to give it another go. I may have lost any audience due to posting inconsistencies but anyone who knows me knows my memory is really quite terrible and at least this way there will be a (somewhat) accurate accounting of just what the heck went on when the boys were young.

Witnessing the following event had me a bit nervous: playing with his Lego figures, Henry proudly thrusts one toward me and announces, “this is a boy Lego.” Out juts his other hand as he proclaims, “this is a girl Lego. And they are kissing.” (smoochie-smooch-smooch noises as he presses the two Lego figures’ plastic can-shaped androgenous hairless faces together) Hmmm. I was just preparing to remind him that we don’t kiss friends when out of nowhere a Lego sword pierces the boy Lego and he falls to the ground (groooooan) and dies. And THEN the sword attacks girl Lego and she falls down dead. So then I felt more at ease with things.