Happy Birthday, Frederick!!!

Guess who’s ONE today!?


I’m so proud to be your mama, little boy!!!!!





Henry helped make the cream cheese frosting on my homemade carrot cake. It was delicious! Frederick got a fist-full of frosting and enjoyed the cake in a quiet celebration that the four of us shared.



I can’t believe this little guy is going to be one soon!

So perhaps I shouldn’t be too surprised that he’s walking. He’s followed a real-baby timeline, crawling and then lots and lots (and LOTS) of “walking” while holding Mama’s and Daddy’s hands. For the past three weeks or so, he’s been “cruising,” or moving between pieces of furniture. When Henry was in this phase, he pushed the ottoman all over the place. Leave it to Henry to not move between pieces of furniture but rather move the furniture!

Frederick has been showing more interest in taking tentative steps over the past two and a half weeks. And finally, a couple days ago, he took some of his first real steps. We caught it on video last night: