It’s been a while since I last posted, but here’s a compelling reason to post now.

like olive shoots

Friends, it is hard to believe we are at this place, but Reece had a very tough afternoon and we are not certain he is going to make it through the night.  He was doing well, but mid-afternoon his blood pressure dropped and his stats worsened.  They were planning dialysis today as his kidneys are failing, but they postponed due to his low blood pressure.  The one thing they are focusing on is his lactate, which is very high.  It likely indicates that something may be wrong in his gut.  Clinically, his gut seems ok (i.e. upon physical exam), but they are suspecting it is not functioning properly due to his lactate number.  They also believe there is another infection at work in his body.  We are told he is the #1 focus on the PICU tonight.  They believe that he can recover from this, but they have seen this go both ways…

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