Welcome to Shamrock Shake Season

We celebrated March 17 with our first walk to Kowalski’s for coffee and green sprinkles (donuts). Frank and I abstained from the sprinkles and Henry abstained from the coffee and Frederick abstained from just about everything.

He’s been running a little temp and has a little cold and has been generally a little cranky. Maybe teething? How many times have I posted that question?

The weather has been ridiculously, unseasonably warm. It’s about 75 degrees F (23.9 degrees Celcius) right now!  Kind of crazy for St. Patrick’s Day. If I were in college, or grad school or at any other time in my life when I could be assured the rest to recover from a hangover, I would say such temperate weather would definitely call for a bar visit of some sort. Alas, we enjoyed spinach greens on the deck at home rather than green beer on a rooftop.

I suppose I could scratch my itch for Irish indulgences in another way:  Did someone say SHAMROCK SHAKE?????  I’m not sure I know anyone who looks forward to shamrock shake season (aka “spring”) quite as much as I do.  Spring is full of little indulgences that seem to up-end any sort of efforts around weight loss: the VFW Friday night Fish Fry; the Lion’s Club Annual Pancake Breakfast; weather that makes a beer sound pretty darn good. Shamrock shakes are but one exit off the Weightloss Highway; there are many other exits that will take you to Big Gut Junction.  Some of those roads I know quite well. I don’t think of myself as a huge fast food fanatic, but I do like the occasional hamburger and I am ashamed to admit that I have no will when it comes to the power of the Shamrock shake. The new McDonald’s commercial that is running for the Shamrock shake is a pretty good illustration of the taboo. It really drives home the point that a Shamrock shake is a guilty pleasure and one that might suitably be enjoyed in secret. Two haiku in honor of the Shamrock Shake:

Cool and minty green
Sweet spring perfection is the
Shamrock shake to me.

A minty first kiss
Her yearly longing fulfilled
Shamrock shake affair.


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