Smells like flowers

So my DH (dear husband) noticed that the air freshener in the bathroom was empty and he rummaged through the junk drawer until he came up with a refill. I asked him if it was the same scent and he said yes, without even looking. So I asked again and the cycle repeated. Ohhh-kaaayyyy… With a tad more emotion I yelled into the bathroom a third time, “is that refill, in fact, the same scent as the one in there previously?” With an equal amount of emotion DH responded, “Yes! That one was a ‘Wallflower’ and THIS one is a ‘Wallflower.'” I responded, that no, my dear, that’s the brand and one must actually open and sniff the refill.  His reponse was “huh, guess they haven’t male-proofed these yet.” Classic.

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