Happy (belated) Birthday to my StepMom!!!

I just want to start with an apology because, Jan, I feel like a bit of a loser for being late in sending cards and calling on your birthday (which I do know is 3/3). I don’t know if it’s the proximity to Frank’s birthday that takes my fleeting attention or if it’s the slow waking up after the winter that causes it, but I am sorry and that is not a reflection on how awesome of a person you are!

As I think about it, I’ve really become kind of awful at remembering birthdays and anniversaries and the like. If there isn’t a major ad campaign from Hallmark associated with it, then there’s a good chance I might not remember. It’s a sad truth about “momnesia.”

Momnesia is a term I so wish I could take credit for, but I saw it on a friend of a friend (of a friend’s?) Facebook page. But it really captures the essence of how I feel impaired – – literally handicapped – – by my lousy memory. Not that anyone would say I have ever had a great memory and maybe that’s what makes me the happy-go-lucky [ahem] person that I am… that I can quickly move on from things because, chances are, I won’t remember the situation a few minutes from now.

SOOoooooo….. what was I posting again?

Oh yes! Happy Birthday to Jan.  And please don’t take the memory thing personally, because I’ve been in contact with Hallmark.  Love you!


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