Video time

Hi folks!  I’ve been debating whether or not to upgrade to the WordPress version that includes embedded video. Part of what I enjoy about the blogging experience is that it provides a creative outlet for me, but also it keeps friends and family up to speed and it’s probably as close as I will ever ever ever come to a baby book.  I think that’s pretty cool.  Yeah, my card stock is untouched and most of the photos live in my phone, but at least this way I can share. I want to be a scrapbook-y type person. I really really do. I envy those people. But I’m not. There’s something so final about committing to paper and glue photos and text and words. I’ve written so much on a computer that it doesn’t seem final at all and this, I find, not scary. Whereas my desire to have a perfect and professional looking scrapbook won’t allow me to pick up a pair of scissors at all. Far too scary.

So I don’t want to be all cheap, since it’s free hosting and all, but adding video is like a gateway to some spend I wasn’t anticipating and would in short order lead to upgrading to additional storage. So I’m exploring some other options and am looking for your feedback about this post.  First, take a look at this video of Frederick. He gets in these really squealy moods. Tonight after dinner he definitely had something to say!!

You can complete the form or just comment on this post.  Thanks in advance for helping me make this an easy-to-use and multi-dimensional site.


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