Knew us before we knew us

December brought my return to work and a struggle with motivation. Fortunately, it also brought a busyness with their own things that everyone at work seemed to have, so my half-heartedness was barely noticed. It also brought family travel and Christmas, bright spots in the winter.

January brought a return to a level of anxiety and drama at work that I hardly recall. Uncertainty and speculation were rampant and those played out in all sorts of odd ways. On the personal side, we decided to put our house on the market and made an offer on a beautiful house that was a short sale. Our dear friend, Mandana, visited with us during the coldest week of the year and we all — I mean all — of us got a wicked stomach bug (or food poisoning, but I think stomach bug, because Frederick got it too, and all he ate was formula and breastmilk). A lovely thing for her to remember us by! Mandana has the rare distinction of having known both of us, individually, before Frank and I started dating in San Francisco. She and Chris L. are just two who fall into that category. And we hold them both in high esteem and close to our hearts because they are awesome people and share a unique history with us as individuals and as a couple. It seems wierd even writing “dating,” because it was more like a whirlwind romance, having met in June 1999, engaged in May 2000, married in January 2001.  I’d say if it’s not a whirlwind, then it’s pretty close.

Above you can see the house that we all lived in. Next to the garage are the steps I was sitting on the very first time I met Mr. Percic. On the other side of the garage is a small gated backyard where we would bask in the few truly sunny warm days in San Francisco and while away the hours chatting and (usually) drinking. I have seriously fond memories of that summer, when I met some of the most interesting people and lived outside my comfort zone. Here’s a photo of the house where you can see the dining room window (Robert, a rather odd fellow, rented that space), the breakfast nook (the room I rented for the summer), and the kitchen window (behind the tree).

So it has been a couple of years since we’ve seen Mandana, live and in person. She’s one of the most creative people I’ve ever ever known and she had a freelance gig in Minneapolis for a big-time advertising agency on a big-time new client of theirs. She was able to spend the following weekend with us in the ‘burbs, where, she surely would have been bored to tears, were not for the violent vomiting! In addition to freelance art directing and writing, she is finishing up a heavy metal novel, is brilliant with children, and writes and maintains *two* blogs. You should check these out (if you are a grown up)

For you fashionistas (or if you just like looking at pretty things and keeping up with trends), you really should subscribe to Mandana’s blog. Trust me on this. I love that she loves vintage. I love that my mom hung on to some stuff from the 1960’s. Never boring, always original, the best of beauty and fashion. Your deep-down girly-girl will bubble up with delight.

Got a minute? How about some fresh fiction and illustrations? Itty bitty snippets of fiction. Grown ups, only.

So that about wraps up January. Oh, I had a work trip in there, too. It was fine. Navigating security wasn’t as bad as I thought. Finding time to pump during a work conference was challenging. Frank did great with the kids.

February was a busy blur, too. Keeping the house show-ready is a chore.  Everyone got a cold, some of us are still recovering from that one. The first house we made offer(s) on fell through. Sketchy seller’s agent. Seriously. Sketchy. We looked and looked and finally found one more we might like and put an offer on that while keeping the marketing up on our existing home. Frank has been working on putting together a series of three training sessions for his multi-site team and director, so has been tied up with that. Henry has matured and says all sorts of witty and wonderful things. Frederick turned 6 months yesterday and is still a little peanut (15% on weight). He likes to sit in his Bumbo and gnaw on his fingers (and yours, if you let him) and just started eating rice cereal.

Spring 2012 looks to be filled with lots of excitement. Hopefully we can keep you in the loop throughout the ride.


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