Seeking advice: Nursing and traveling

Monday I have my first business trip. It requires air travel and two nights at a hotel.  I’m a little anxious about how it’s gonna go because of all the pumping gear and oh yeah, I haven’t started packing or preparing for any of it. I even managed to leave my itinerary and agenda on my printer at work. Classic.

So I’m seeking advice on what to pack, what to take on my carry-on, what to leave at home, etc. All tips and advice appreciated!


Are you impressed?

“Are you impressed?” asked a sincere three and a half year old of his parents the other day.

“Yes, I am very impressed,” said his father.

“I am very impressed, too,” said his mother.

He had gone potty at school several times, both kinds.  And he was continuing the trend at home. He was rewarded with stickers and accolades.

He still likes to wear diapers sometimes at home and sometimes at school, but he’s growing up fast, as his question clearly indicates.

4 months already

On Friday we went in for Frederick’s four month check up and to have his doctor evaluate how things were going with the ear infection and nasty cough.

His head measured 16 3/4 inches in circumference and put him in the 49th percentile.

He measured 24.5 inches long, which put him in the 24th percentile.

And our little peanut weighed in at 13 pounds, 9 ounces which placed him in the 15th percentile for his age.  Which is a little shocking, considering that he was 9 pounds, 12 ounces at birth, or the 90th percentile.

However, the doctor was reassuring and said his lack of weight gain was likely due to his illnesses for so many weeks, which makes a lot of sense to me.  We’re guessing he will make up ground before his 6 month appointment.

This week we also started gymnastics with Henry at Crowley’s, a local place just north of us. The class he’s in now is just the kids and the teachers. The last gym class we had him in was kids and their parents running around and coaxing the children onto the various apparatus. I like the sitting on the sidelines version much better. Henry, who can be slow to warm up in unfamiliar surroundings and with unfamiliar people, was coaxed out onto the mats after only a few minutes, much to our surprise. He went through all the circuits that were set up, did an excellent job waiting and taking turns and appears to be cultivating some mad long-jump skills.

The why’s

So it’s not a suburban legend about all the “why?” questions from our almost four year old.

From Wednesday night (watching Kung Fu Panda 2, the part where Chen’s minions are melting down metal):

Henry: What are they doing, Daddy?

Frank: They are melting down all the metal in the village.

H: Why are they melting down all the metal in the village, Daddy?

F: Because they are making cannon balls.

H: Why are they making cannon balls, Daddy?

F: Because they are bad guys and they want to take over the village.

H: Why are they bad guys and they want to take over the village, Daddy?

F: Because they want to be in control.

H: Why do they want to be in control, Daddy?

F: Because they want to be able to do what they want to do.

(my favorite part):

H: Why do they want to do what they want to do, Daddy?

(I missed the answer – I was laughing and marveling at Frank’s patience).

Happy New Year

The pink stuff is no longer pink.  Something I discovered on 1/1 when filling two prescriptions for Frederick after our urgent care visit.

The poor dear had a terrible cough for a month and one week of respite. Then he got it all over again, only this time with a fever and lack of appetite and wheezing. After 12+ hours of it getting worse, not better, we decided that our New Year’s Day plans would include a visit to the urgent care.

The doctor he saw recommended a nebulizer treatment there in the office. She said he had retracted breathing, a term with which I was unfamiliar. Basically I think it means “labored breathing.”  She also said his one ear looked red, so that’s where the un-pink stuff (amoxicillin) comes in.

Frederick, the chillest baby, tolerates the nebulizer quite well. Taking oral medicines, on the other hand, not so much. His highly-evolved gag reflex and tongue protruding technique make it difficult to be sure any medicine has made it past his gullet at all. But overall he appears to be feeling better, despite the occasional abuse he takes from his older brother.

Henry has been delightful and helpful and always wants to soothe his little brother. He looooves to hold his brother. He especially likes to walk around holding Frederick, like he’s seen his older cousins, John and James and Allison doing. He’ll hold the almost 14 pound little guy for about 5 seconds and then hand him off. He’s generally good about letting us know that he wants to plunk the baby down. Again, Frederick tolerates it pretty well. Maybe older siblings help create an environment for more relaxed second children?

Anyways, despite the inauspicious start to the new year, I am looking forward to a wonderful year and sharing some of the moments right here with you.

Happy New Year, everyone.