New photos

For some time I’ve been meaning to upload photos to the site from the session we had with the photographer after the arrival of Frederick. But first came Thanksgiving, then my return to work, then Christmas preparations and Christmas and travel and well, now it’s almost the end of 2011. Another unfinished project of mine was to do some personalized gifts. That, of course, required me to do some uploading to some websites. I just couldn’t bear the thought of uploading the same images again, so instead of repeating all 140 of the images we liked, here they are presented for your viewing pleasure at our very own sharing website on

Again, there are 140 images. Obviously, I didn’t apply a lot of heavy scrutiny to my selections, so forgive me. Doing anything 100% anymore is almost impossible. I’m learning to settle for something less than 100…. sometimes quite a bit less!

Here’s the link to see the images, and to where I hope to share other galleries, because it’s just so much darn easier to upload there:

Anyways, hope you enjoy. Here is a little preview for you…


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