“Monica, this is Julie from Henry and Frederick’s school. We have evacuated the building.”

Not exactly the first call you want to get in the morning. On your way to get gas… on your way to work.

Julie reassured me that everyone was okay, but that the power and heat were out at the school and that the infants had been evacuated to a nearby building and the other children were still in their classrooms. 

A quick call to Frank and a fill-up (I’m telling you, I really needed to get gas – – the light was on) and I found the infants and teachers in the professional building next door to the school. Frederick was kind of whimpering in one of the evacuation cribs, covered up and looking sleepy.  Miss Candy said that Frederick was in the middle of his morning nap when they heard a loud pop! followed by a very strong scent of smoke.  So they evacuated and while the other children could return to their classrooms after the all-clear, the infants remained in the other building because it was too cold in their room.

Although I can only just imagine the teachers piling the infants in the evacuation cribs and walking on the sidewalk to the other building, no children seemed traumatized or even a little upset. Henry was excited to see a fireman who came to all the rooms and said it was “fun” to take his blankets outside. One of Henry’s favorite Christmas gifts, in fact, was a fireman dress up set, complete with megaphone and fire extinguisher. So to see an actual real fireman so soon after receiving that gift was a thrill for him.

After picking up the kids, I took them to work so I could retrieve my laptop. Also so my coworkers could see Henry and meet Frederick. They gave me serious guilt about returning to work and not bringing the baby in. Also for not bringing Henry in for over 3 years. Henry and I had a nice heart-to-heart about no screaming / whining / crying while there and he did very well.  He mostly stayed glued to the back of my legs, but he did utter some “thank yous” and “no, I want TWO” when asked about if he’d like some chocolate. Immediately Frederick was snapped up by my coworkers, so I could focus on the big guy and getting my stuff.  I didn’t want to hang around too long because I have had to be the person to remind others that the office in a manufacturing plant isn’t the best place for children, and certainly not when you are expected to be working. Imagine taking a call from a customer with your kids trying to get your attention.  Um, yeah, there probably would be some errors. So we scooted out of there pretty quickly.

School eventually called to say the power and heat were back on and they were reopening, but we had already set everything in motion and Henry was looking forward to an extra “mommy and daddy day.”  And I was looking forward to spending time with them, too.  Let’s see how this four day weekend goes, here’s hoping for a good start to the new year. 



New photos

For some time I’ve been meaning to upload photos to the site from the session we had with the photographer after the arrival of Frederick. But first came Thanksgiving, then my return to work, then Christmas preparations and Christmas and travel and well, now it’s almost the end of 2011. Another unfinished project of mine was to do some personalized gifts. That, of course, required me to do some uploading to some websites. I just couldn’t bear the thought of uploading the same images again, so instead of repeating all 140 of the images we liked, here they are presented for your viewing pleasure at our very own sharing website on kodakgallery.com

Again, there are 140 images. Obviously, I didn’t apply a lot of heavy scrutiny to my selections, so forgive me. Doing anything 100% anymore is almost impossible. I’m learning to settle for something less than 100…. sometimes quite a bit less!

Here’s the link to see the images, and to where I hope to share other galleries, because it’s just so much darn easier to upload there:

Anyways, hope you enjoy. Here is a little preview for you…

Ugly sweater day at work:


I don’t care what your Daddy says, Christmas is full of cheer!


Checking out the birdies on Christmas Eve:


Meeting Aunt Jessica:


Ho Ho Henry:


Cute and cuddly, boys.


Finally, a little shut-eye (during the Bears/Packers game):




Merry Christmas Eve Day

Thanks to the early waking of both of our children, we were able to get packed up and on the road at 7:00 am.

Having drained a venti SCML (salted caramel mocha latte), we are now traveling through the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. We’re riding that thin line where both kids are awake but not crying. This will end, though, once the portable DVD player runs out of battery. We just couldn’t locate the car charger for it. We probably own two or more car chargers and two or more outlet chargers. When will technology convergence fix this issue for me? Just create a standard for portable electronic devices, already!!

There’s a new cliched sort of development on this trip: “are we there yet?” and “how many more minutes?” I should really keep a tally.