Day 2 recap

Day two was a little different. I didn’t do the drop off in the morning, but it took frigging ever for me to get out the door nonetheless.

We had kind of a strange realization today, too. The family from whom we bought our current house we still see around the neighborhood because they just moved around the corner and down the street. The boy, who was a grade schooler when his family moved, is now a senior in high school and mowed our lawn this summer. Apparently now their current house is on the market, looks to be a short sale. It just brings up all kinds of questions and fears of ours. So again I say I am more than happy to have a job to which I can return.

I picked up the boys from school today. Henry likes to help by getting the car seat out of the closet at school and putting blankets and bottles in the bag. When he is in the mood, he can be a very good helper. The teachers told me that Frederick didn’t eat very much again and maybe only slept an hour or so. When I picked him up, he was soooo hungry that he nursed feverishly, barely pausing at all. Then when we were home, he had several big spit ups and was coughing and carrying on. It was like he had hide very own Thanksgiving feast, complete with indigestion afterwards. 😉


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