Giving thanks 9, 10 and 11

I guess I had a little difficulty with the last several posts. Operator error, almost certainly.

The variety of every day with children is at once exhilarating and exhausting. On the one hand, there’s always something going on that requires stretch in terms of negotiation or time management or creativity or patience and on the other hand, I frequently feel as though cultivating those very skills is nearly impossible without proper care and feeding. For instance, sleep. Or time away. Or accomplishments beyond getting a shower and brushing one’s teeth. I feel as though there is a constant push and pull on the way to achieving the feeling of equilibrium. Now that I’m a little older I think I’ve come to realize that equilibrium is fleeting and balance is just a feeling and feelings change. So what I can do is try my best to make decisions that align with my priorities and appreciate the rollercoaster of exhiliaration and exhaustion as one check-in of those priorities.

Today I also appreciate Henry showing me the magic of childhood wonder. This is the first year he has actually shown an interest in Santa Claus. It is really sweet to witness and enjoyable as he begins to pull us into the fantasy of it all. The idea of pleasing or displeasing Santa is enough to get Henry to do almost anything. For days he was looking forward to seeing Santa arrive in our city on a firetruck! Every day he asked when Santa was coming. On Saturday, the big day, our schedule got a little turned upside down due to family photos in the morning and a trip to urgent care in the early afternoon for Frederick. Henry’s nap was delayed and also shortened, which typically results in a cranky big guy after the nap. However, when Daddy woke Henry up, he bounded out of bed and ran around upstairs collecting his clothes, anxious to go see Santa Claus. In fact, the last thing I heard before they exited the house was, “let’s get GO-ing, Daddy!” I love it. I can’t wait to get more fully into the fantasy and wonder of all things Christmas… and really anything that excites that little boy.

Watching Frank enthusiastically play with Henry and his new Lego set and “working out” Frederick’s legs delights me. He has an easy way of playing with them and always seems to come up with new ways to make them – and me – laugh. I’m happy to call them all my boys.

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