I’m beginning to think “normal” days are a thing of the past.

Monday afternoon was Henry’s holiday concert at 4:45 pm. I told Frank I would leave work around 4:15 to get there a little early. Later in the day I told him I’d leave by 4:20. So it should be no surprise that I was running down the stairs at 4:40 and breaking several speed laws on my way to the school. Glided in as the preschoolers were going on stage. It was fun to see them. They did a nice job. If I ever figure out the video upload situation, I’ll try to post their rendition of “Frosty the Snowman.”

Tuesday morning brought a call from Frederick’s teacher. She said that he had hives all over his face and that I should come pick him up and have him seen by a doctor. So I grabbed the laptop and scurried over to school. Fortunately I didn’t have to stop for a fill-up this time.

Frank and I coordinated with calling for a doctors appointment and happily, I was able to speak to a nurse just as I was arriving at school. Even better, she stayed on the line with me as I came into his classroom so the teachers themselves could explain what they had seen. Because, of course, he was practically Mr. Porcelain Skin himself by the time I arrived. But I have such trust in the teachers in his room that I knew he required further investigation.

I’ll spare you the details, but we had an appointment at our clinic an hour later and it appears as if Frederick is allergic to amoxicillin (which I presume means all the other -cillins as well). I’m hoping this won’t cause a problem down the line with treating bacterial infections. Anyone have experience with this?

Frederick’s a lot better now, still breaking out from time to time. Gratefully, his breathing or swallowing were never affected and he wasn’t in danger. I was surprised that he had been on this amoxicillin course of treatment since 1/1 and the sensitivity just showed up, but apparently that is rather normal. At least something is normal, if not our days.

Poor baby!



The above picture is of his little arm. Awwww!

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