How big is Frederick?

We all went to the doctor today. Frank is getting his flu shot at work tomorrow. Henry was lucky enough to get the nasal flu vaccine, but because I’m still nursing Frederick, they recommended I get the traditional flu shot. Normally I’m sure I have winced and complained, but with the audience of my husband, infant child (who got three shots in his chunky thighs and an oral vaccine), and very very observant preschooler, I looked away but kept smiling the whole time. I guess the moral of that story is that motherhood has made me tougher in some ways. Or at the very least, braver. You gotta be a little brave to decide to have kids, I think.

Besides the vaccinations, we had Frederick’s two month appointment. Depending upon how you count, he will be 10 weeks on this Thursday or is two months and one week today. His weight is 12 pounds, 4 ounces, which if i remember correctly, is around the fiftieth percentile. He is 23 inches long.

Right before bed tonight Henry said to me, “don’t go anywhere, okay mommy.” Although I’m quite sure I didn’t permanently scar him with an absence of two and a half weeks, it did answer the lingering question I had entertained about if he had even noticed or would remember that I was gone.

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