Day 3

Off to urgent care.


Pink eye.


Day 2 recap

Day two was a little different. I didn’t do the drop off in the morning, but it took frigging ever for me to get out the door nonetheless.

We had kind of a strange realization today, too. The family from whom we bought our current house we still see around the neighborhood because they just moved around the corner and down the street. The boy, who was a grade schooler when his family moved, is now a senior in high school and mowed our lawn this summer. Apparently now their current house is on the market, looks to be a short sale. It just brings up all kinds of questions and fears of ours. So again I say I am more than happy to have a job to which I can return.

I picked up the boys from school today. Henry likes to help by getting the car seat out of the closet at school and putting blankets and bottles in the bag. When he is in the mood, he can be a very good helper. The teachers told me that Frederick didn’t eat very much again and maybe only slept an hour or so. When I picked him up, he was soooo hungry that he nursed feverishly, barely pausing at all. Then when we were home, he had several big spit ups and was coughing and carrying on. It was like he had hide very own Thanksgiving feast, complete with indigestion afterwards. 😉

Back to life, back to reality

Back to work today and Frederick’s first day of school. I tried to take it easy and not push the schedule too hard.

I felt as if I were in a fog most of the day, listening, listening. Not really sure of the status of anything and not really able to comment on anything.

During my three minute conversation with my boss, he asked me twice if I were ready to get back into everything. He told me once to ease back into it. He asked me twice if I were ready to be back. So, kind of a mixed message, but I think the general impression I got was: get the heck back to work!

I tried not to think too much about Frederick or Henry for fear that I would get weepy and never recover. I did NOT do the drop off this morning, but I did drop into Frederick’s room over lunch and check in on him and nurse him. The poor little guy doesn’t like bottles and on top of that, apparently only slept a few minutes at a time before he would be startled awake by some noise. I didn’t keep the place that quiet when we were at home, but then again there weren’t kids running around most of the time. Our project for the week is to find out which bottles he likes the best while I pump to try to keep my supply up.

On top of all that, Jack has been in the hospital for several days, since Saturday. While the diagnosis is something treatable with antibiotics, his stay there was preceded by a blacking out episode, the trip up to MN for Thanksgiving, and a high fever. Apparently he was running out of runway before something more serious happened, and for avoiding that, we are thankful.

Get well, Grandpa Jack! We love you!



Back at it

By the time I suspect you are reading this, I will have returned to the workforce. I have dwelled on this quite a bit. The good and the bad, the pros and the cons. But it’s all a bit futile, because the reality is that I’m going back to work tomorrow. Period. And as I’ve posted before, I’m grateful to have gainful employment. But I have to tell you, I have the most serious case of what I like to call the “Sunday Night Blues” of my life. It’s going to take a lot of outside busyness and family time to get over this particular hump.

To get in the proper mindset, here are a few positive things about which I have been reminding myself:

In general, I like the people I support.

I like the products we make and how wholesome and nutritious they are.

Having a schedule helps me get more done in all facets of my life.

I think I do a good job in my role and it helps me to feel accomplished.

In general, I like working. It’s been a part of my life longer than it hasn’t been.

I am able to make good use of both my undergraduate and graduate degrees, experiences that I dedicated a lot of time and money to.

People are people everywhere. This is important to remember because the angst I’m feeling doesn’t really have anything to do with my specific company or workplace. I would feel this way regardless of the company. As a former boss told me before starting a new role, there are a$$holes everywhere. I just haven’t met them in my new role yet. So true.

Hopefully I’ll spend the next few posts catching up about the Thanksgiving prep and events, rather than complaining about things. Oh! And share the family photos we just had taken last week. There are some adorable ones in there.

For now, I’ve gotta get the bag ready for Frederick’s first day of school!

Giving thanks 12

Today would have been my Grandpa Shields’ birthday. He died a few years ago, but I think about him almost every day. I wonder what he might say or do in certain circumstances and, invariably, I think of my Grandma Shields. Sometimes something or someone reminds me of Grandma Shields. Looking at my children’s prodigious Shields cheeks or someone who needs a good humor-filled scolding, and, invariably, I think of my Grandpa Shields. To me they are as linked as two souls could be. And I know that they still are. I definitely give thanks for them and the influence they’ve had on my life.