Fine Friday

Frederick slept a good four hour interval and then put together two more decent intervals. Had a lovely morning at the house and then had a delicious salted caramel mocha latte, a bite of grouper fish tacos (I always always always try to get grouper when I’m in FL), and a nice walk by the bay. Then Heather and Frederick and I got pedicures. Ok, Frederick didn’t get a pedi. It was awesome. Here’s a pic from the nail salons:


Frederick slept well this afternoon as we got ready. It was so nice to get ready and put on make up and hang out with Heather. I was even able to get a little bath for Frederick and put him into some cute seersucker pants and an adorable collared shirt. Here’s a photo of him with Heather at dinner tonight:


After dinner we took this photo of me and Frederick back at the house:


A fine day!!

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