A nickname? (updated)

Since the day Frederick came into the world people have been asking “what are you going to call him?”

Uhhhhhh, the child has three names to choose from, but we’re gonna stick with Frederick for a while. I really can’t remember this level of interest in a nickname for Henry. There were a couple folks who would call him Hank, but by and large people accepted his name without question. Therefore, I was slightly taken aback when there were so many inquiries about a nickname for the newest member.

I asked the question of Uncle Karl, Aunt Marci, and Frederick’s cousins, John, James and Elizabeth at lunch this past Sunday. I think Karl said “Rick” and John suggested “Freddy,” but James came up with something truly original, “Frick,” which apparently is the first and last parts of Frederick (and, of course, the last part of his last name). While I can’t say it will stick, it does have a certain uniqueness about it. The conversation also included a matching nickname for Henry. Frederick = Frick, Henry = Frack, Frank = Frank. Karl also suggested for Frederick a derivation of the nickname his children sometimes call Frank, Uncle F-dog. I can not, for the life of me, remember how that came about, but there you go. The nickname would then be F-puppy or F-pup, and Henry of course would then be H-puppy or H-pup. Thank you Marci for reminding me of this!

Today Aunt Lois tried out Fred and yesterday she tried Fritz. I have to say I’m partial to Fritz because of how German it sounds. But late tonight Uncle Malcolm and Aunt Heather suggested that because he looks so very much like Frank that perhaps we ought to call him that. It’s something to think about. For now, no clear front runner for a nickname, so we will stick with Frederick for a while longer.

It was a beautiful day today in Florida. Today we bought the smallest swim diapers we could find, but Frederick’s still about 4 pounds shy of the suggested minimum weight. Nevertheless, hopefully tomorrow will be a warm sunny day for us to give them a whirl in a pool.


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