Planes, strollers and automobiles: the blow-by-blow

*Note: if you “subscribe” to this blog and read it via your email client, you’ll need to check the actual website (blog) to get the blow-by-blow. The subscription will only provide you the first in this series of updates. Happy reading and keep your fingers crossed for us!

8:00 am. The littlest Mr. Percic awakes. I begin packing up the bassinet that we have borrowed from our friends Dawn and Rod. It just *barely* fits in my Mom’s largest suitcase. Sweet!


Now I’ll just pack our stuff around it.
Uh oh. There is crying.

9:50 am. Good thing I did a bunch of prep last night because we’ve just been cycling through our normal routine and haven’t got much in the way of packing done.

11:00 am. Pick up will be here in 30 minutes and my hair is still soaking wet. Will Frederick like to be in the Bjorn while I dry my hair? … Why yes, he’s a lot calmer.

12:32 pm. 22 miles to Rockford, 109 miles to Chicago. All packed up with our friends and the littlest one is sleeping. We are on Route 20 and all is well.

1:11 pm. Stopped at Belvidere Oasis. Only people from Illinois will get that. Frederick is still sleeping. I’m contemplating waking him to feed him, but thinking that the “never wake a sleeping baby” adage perhaps applies.

5:00 pm. First class, baby! We were upgraded!!! The good luck continues. Here’s a photo from the American lounge at ORD.


8:50 pm. Arrived in Tampa. American Airlines Flight Attendant and crew give Frederick a First Flight Certificate. How sweet! Mama enjoys a delicious bloody mary, also sweet!



9:17 pm. Arrived at destination. It is so very lovely. We are very blessed. Mr. Percic was just a little fussy and only cried maybe 5 minutes total. Can you imagine? What a good little traveler! We are all set with diapers and wipes and looking forward to the next parts of our adventure.



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