More adventures

Last we checked in with our fearless travelers, they were making carrot cake and preparations to return home. Scratch that.

Heather invited me and Frederick down to Florida with her. At first I said no, no thank you, but then I couldn’t think of a good reason to not. So I consulted with Frank to check in and see what he thought and how he and Henry were doing. And let me just take a brief departure here to say that I have a very very wonderful husband. He not only agreed to letting us extend our trip away from home by a week and a half, but actually **encouraged** it! After much hemming and hawing and concern about my two guys at home (and how much I miss them), I did buy tickets!

A great deal of Friday was spent trying to decide and execute on the ticket purchase. After the drama, Frederick and I got out of the house and took in a walk. It’s been a little Indian summer in northern Illinois the last couple of days. It looks as if today might be the last day of it, however, just in time for us to get out of dodge and down to a warmer clime tomorrow.

Speaking of warmer climes, Frederick is a guy who likes to be all warm. When I wear him in the Bjorn, he’ll press his nose right up against my chest. Here’s an example of how he seeks warm locations. I call it “ear-deep in boob.”


Tacking on an extra few days to get to our Florida trip meant that we had some time to kill until we left and also that we would miss my brother and family’s trip up north to visit us in Minnesota. So I decided to spend the weekend with him and his family so we would still get to spend time together.

We drove to their place on Saturday afternoon and had a nice meal at a friend’s restaurant that night. The place is called The P’s and I would recommend the porkchetta sandwich. Those of you who know Karl know he’s a bit if a night owl, and really, if I had my druthers, I’d stay up late over get up early most any day. It’s just since the addition of children that I’ve found myself in bed before 10 PM.

Anyways, with a goofy sleep schedule already in place, there wasn’t much keeping me from staying up until all hours conversing with Karl and Marci. I will note here that all three of their children stayed up later than I typically do any day of the week. Including the almost two year old. Nightowls-in-training.

And here is where I will apologize to my dear sister-in-law, Marci, (sister-in-law!! sister-in-law!!) because I discovered that I didn’t take any photos of her with Frederick during our stay. So I will therefore hang my head in shame for several minutes now.

There. All done.

James and Frederick:


Karl, my much older brother, & Frederick:


John and Frederick:


At lunch on Monday with Elizabeth:




Doing “The Barbara”:


We accompanied them to church on Sunday morning, and just hung out all day, catching up.

Next up:
– A nickname?
– Pug dogs
– Diet woes
– Packing up is hard to do
– Blow-by-blow of Frederick’s first air travel (TOMORROW – Wednesday!)


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