On Monday, after a full Sunday, we took it easy and stayed close to Mom and Jack’s house. We ventured to the store with Jack and took a walk in the late afternoon. It was cold! Then Heather came over and met Frederick for the first time. He was a little cranky, but she was able to keep him calm and even helped get him ready for bed by putting on his wearable blanket (now we know where the Snuggie came from).



Monday night Frederick’s sleeping was just okay so it made for a rougher Tuesday morning. And although I wasn’t able to convince Mom to make a quick trip into Chicago for either the Berghoff or Ann Sather’s (or both), we did have a nice time in Rockford. We did a little shopping, I got some super inspirational shoes, we had some coffee and a snack and saw Karl and Marci and the kids before heading home. Frederick was a champ and yes, I did nurse him in the Macy’s shoe department as I was trying to decide between two pairs.

My mom, “Oma,” to my kids, always comes up with the most creative nicknames. I was curious what she’d come up with for Frederick. I dearly love her nickname for Frederick: Hampelmann. It is the German word for a wooden child’s toy.

You pull a string and the arms and legs move in a silly fashion. If you were to see Frederick lay on his back and kick and move around underneath a toy bar you’ll agree, he looks a lot like a Hampelmann!  His arms move all around as if he is swimming butterfly and his legs look like he is in the Tour de France.  He coos and will shoot you a smile.  If I ever get the video portion of this blog up, it will be one of the first videos.  To give you a visual, here’s my version of the Frederick Hampelmann and although I wish I had better photo editing skills (and a ton more time to play around with it), I think it gives you an idea. Sooo cute!

Wednesday we went over to Dad’s house (“Grandmagrandpa” to Henry) and Jan was traveling, so unfortunately we missed her. I scored some most excellent coffee, courtesy of their new espresso machine. All I had to do was show Dad. He is a good student (albeit one who makes a lot of puns and likes to multitask) so we were off to the races with the caramel lattes.

Later Allison and Abbie came over and we hung out and then went over to their place to eat our take out from Imperial Palace. It was delish.

Today Mom and I are going to try to make a healthier version of carrot cake. I’ll try to report out on how that goes.

Then on Friday I think we will make our way home. It’s been a lot of fun and I wish we could stay longer, but I also miss Henry and Frank a lot.  Plus having all these great cooks around has definitely NOT helped my diet plans!! And the good news is we will probably be back down for Christmas (which is just around the corner…)


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