In addition to numerous people with Frederick, you may have noticed something else in some of our photos recently: smiles! In the past two weeks, we’ve really noticed more frequent smiles. Ones that seem to have no relationship to him having gas or dirtying a diaper, which makes us think that they are for reals!

In other news, Frank said that on Wednesday, during “tummy time,” Frederick rolled from his tummy onto his back. 7 weeks old. This concerns me as I have, on occasion, zipped off to the bathroom while he’s on the changing table. No more! Unless I can get some baby chocks? They don’t make those? Dang.

Frank and Henry are doing great while we are traveling through northern Illinois. Henry has requested several days in a row to wear underwear and it’s a flurry of pull-ups and potty trips and what-not at the homestead. Tell you what, honey: I’ll stay down here for an extra week (or two) if you can complete the potty training while I’m gone. Deal?


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