Road trip (2008 & 2011)

When Henry was about two and a half months old, I was invited to participate in a professional conference with my work colleagues in Chicago.


Frank and I drove to Chicago with Baby Henry and we spent the weekend there afterwards. Here are some photos from that trip from 2008, including one in front of our favorite Chicago apartment, one at Bistro Zinc (yum) and of Henry standing as he looks out of the hotel window in downtown.





After the weekend in 2008, Frank took the Megabus from Chicago to Minneapolis. It was a mega fiasco. Ask him about it sometime. I stayed a few more days in the Freeport area, visiting with friends and family. Here are some photos with Great Grandpa:



So anyways, I had a really nice time making the effort to see everyone and that has always been part of my plan for my time with Frederick.

So on the spur of the moment yesterday, I decided it was time.

Highlights from the trip include less than two minutes of crying. And a FOUR HOUR stretch of sleeping by the little guy. I made it all the way to Black Earth, WI without stopping for crying. We stopped and ate at a place called Heiney’s, which was a nice little historic supper-clubby type place. I was able to nurse him at my corner table and eat some delicious one-handed food: crab cakes and spinach salad. I might have to go back for the pecan pie with bourbon sauce!

After fueling up, we got back on the road and Frederick slept almost the entire way to Freeport. Remarkable! And last night wasn’t the nightmare I anticipated (although my sole goal for today was to either find a purveyor of Starbuck’s coffee or at least the Starbuck’s Via). I’m going to test out Dad and Jan’s coffee machine soon, though.

Frederick met his Aunt Abbie for the first time over lunch and his Great Aunt Herta over Skype. A great start to our Illinois adventure!


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