The night after

After the relative success of yesterday, it may come as no surprise that last night was ridiculous.

I was up every hour with a baby who wanted to comfort nurse (that is, NOT eat) and Henry was up at 5:15 am. For the day. For real. As if that’s an acceptable hour! What did I write in my last post? Oh yeah, you win some and lose some.

When I finally ate enough leftovers from last nights dinner to make decide it definitely was time to go for a walk, I ran into one of our new-ish neighbors. We had a nice little chat and it seems her husband travels a lot for work and her two college-aged daughters are still living in California. She’s not working at the moment and seems genuinely surprised at how warm the weather is, so that gives us at least two things to discuss so I’m going to see if she’d like to get coffee with me sometime.

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