Here’s the moment by moment action (as it happens, as much as possible) for today:

7:34 am. Frank leaves for work. No one is crying. First success of the day!

9:00 am. Breakfast accomplished. That includes cheese balls. I can live with that. TV is off. Baby sleeping.

11:00 am. Arrived at regional park and it’s surprisingly quiet and slightly eerie to see the “lake” all drained like a sand-lined bowl. Frederick is sleeping in the Bjorn and Henry is digging for treasure in the sand. Mama is contemplating how it took almost 1.5 hours to get to this point. Oh well. No one is crying. Success.




1:50 pm. We had a really nice trip to the park and a little picnic lunch. Here was Henry’s last stand before we loaded into the car:



Home with wind-down video on. Frederick’s been sleeping most of the time and Henry’s displaying the type of behavior I imagine he typically reserves for school and strangers. When I write that, I mean that he has been delightful. No one is crying. Next up: nap time.

2:17 pm. Henry is sleeping. Frederick is sleeping. Mama is updating her blog? Never fear, she is also reclining on the sofa for some zzzz’s (hopefully).

2:32 pm. Yeah, right! And we’re back. Little one must eat. Sleep is for the weak.

4:00 pm. Alarm clock goes off. Obviously, I hit snooze. Napping on couch with baby is ok.

4:09 pm. Alarm again. Meh.

4:20 pm. Call to Frank for status check. Henry wants to be able to see him come home, so he’ll need to give us the two minute warning call. Henry and Frederick cuddle on the couch watching a movie. Side note: the trailer for some of those Harry Potter movies are a little scary. Meanwhile, I attempt to put together a simple eggplant parmigiana recipe my mom gave me.

4:55 pm. Call from Daddy. Time to mobilize. Frederick in sling, Henry in Lightning McQueen helmet and on trike.

The rest is a blur of Henry discovering grated parmigian cheese (and only wanting to eat that for dinner – but lunch was healthy, so you win some and lose some), finishing dinner, feeding Frederick, feeding ourselves, etc. We just opened up a bin of Henry’s “old” toys and he’s having fun rediscovering them and showing them to Frederick.

All in all, it was much better than I expected. Both kids were wonderful. But I will still worry about next time, I’m sure. Some habits die hard.


Here’s Henry showing Frederick how to make a phone call:


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