On this post, a few photos from today and some concerns I have about tomorrow…

Someone looooves being in the Bjorn!



And a photo from our backyard:


Tomorrow Henry’s school is closed and we decided that both of the little guys will be with me. This is a big step, as we elected to keep Henry going full time to school during the short time that I will be / have been off work. So while some if you have my unending awe and appreciation for being full time moms and dads (either currently or in the past), this is new territory for me.

So far, Frank and I have played man-on-man defense, and I’m really not sure what tomorrow will bring. I am actually quite nervous. Every time I allow myself to think about it, I essentially try to come up with ideas of how we can get out of the house. But the truth is, if the 3.5 year old isn’t on board with whatever the plan is, then the day becomes infinitely more challenging and I’m not really looking for that for tomorrow. I guess that means I’m at the mercy of the preschooler.

Hmmmmm… I shall bribe him with cookies and jelly beans. That pretty much locks up the Mother of the Year award.

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