We almost made it without…

Stopping. But I had to fuel up and use the restroom. And then Frederick discovered that he had to, as well. We stopped in Osseo for gas and I was going to hit the McDonald’s next door for restroom and a coffee, but I thought that some pie would go nicely with coffee and where better to go for pie when in Osseo than the Norske Nook (NN)?

If you’ve ever driven with Frank on 94 in the Osseo area, then you are familiar with his modified fist-pump whenever he sees the NN sign. And I mean whenever. I’ve been dozing or almost asleep and he will still do it. Like a little salute to his countrymen’s cuisine. But in all my years of traveling to and fro Illinois and Minnesota, I have only stopped at NN once before.


Of course, after sleeping like a good little traveler for four hours, Frederick was anxious to have a diaper change and something to eat. So he was crying a bit. As we went to our table in the back if the dining room, an older lady gave us a scornful look and said something. I returned her scorn and she almost – almost – got her treat early for Halloween.

I had a beef sandwich with a large pile of mashed potatoes, all covered with thick gravy, which softened the bread, making it very friendly to one-handed dining. I had it with a bottomless cup of coffee and a slice of Pecan Stout pie. The stout and malt cut the sweetness of a traditional pecan pie and provided an interesting flavor. It has me thinking of trying to replicate it for Thanksgiving because although delicious, I’m scared if how much a whole pie would cost from NN. So that’s what I had. Frederick just wanted his usual.

We stopped for about an hour and were home a shade after 5 pm. Then it was so wonderful to see Frank and Henry again, after almost 2.5 weeks. I swear that child has grown and is acting more mature! We donned warmer clothing and costumes on the kids and were out the door for trick-or-treating.

Henry mastered saying trick or treat and thank you, with just a little encouragement each time. We walked all the way to our friend Renee’s house and afterwards, Henry declared himself done and wanted to go home. He collected a pretty decent haul and I don’t think there was a tootsie roll or cheap bubble gum anywhere. Score!

When we got home, Henry helped hand out candy, a task he really seemed to enjoy. We watched a little of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and played. Henry really missed his little brother and apparently me, too. When I got up to go to the kitchen, Henry asked me, “are you going again, mama?” I asked him, “would you like me to go again?” and he replied, “no, mama.” I’m glad I’m home, too.





Today we returned to Illinois after a wonderful stay in Florida. Frederick proved it wasn’t just a fluke that he travelled so well in the way down by again being super-travel-baby. Not phased by changes in cabin pressure, security lines or airline food, he travelled better than many adults. Of course, his second flight was also first class. He had better not get used to that! Here are some photos from the flight.



This morning we woke up in Illinois and began the packing up process. I noted that there was FROST on the grass. Talk about a rude awakening!

We are moments away from departing and heading back to Minnesota. It has been a wonderful, delightful visit. Thanks to all whom we visited, you made our trip grand! See you soon!

Here are some photos from our last morning in Florida:




Fine Friday

Frederick slept a good four hour interval and then put together two more decent intervals. Had a lovely morning at the house and then had a delicious salted caramel mocha latte, a bite of grouper fish tacos (I always always always try to get grouper when I’m in FL), and a nice walk by the bay. Then Heather and Frederick and I got pedicures. Ok, Frederick didn’t get a pedi. It was awesome. Here’s a pic from the nail salons:


Frederick slept well this afternoon as we got ready. It was so nice to get ready and put on make up and hang out with Heather. I was even able to get a little bath for Frederick and put him into some cute seersucker pants and an adorable collared shirt. Here’s a photo of him with Heather at dinner tonight:


After dinner we took this photo of me and Frederick back at the house:


A fine day!!

A nickname? (updated)

Since the day Frederick came into the world people have been asking “what are you going to call him?”

Uhhhhhh, the child has three names to choose from, but we’re gonna stick with Frederick for a while. I really can’t remember this level of interest in a nickname for Henry. There were a couple folks who would call him Hank, but by and large people accepted his name without question. Therefore, I was slightly taken aback when there were so many inquiries about a nickname for the newest member.

I asked the question of Uncle Karl, Aunt Marci, and Frederick’s cousins, John, James and Elizabeth at lunch this past Sunday. I think Karl said “Rick” and John suggested “Freddy,” but James came up with something truly original, “Frick,” which apparently is the first and last parts of Frederick (and, of course, the last part of his last name). While I can’t say it will stick, it does have a certain uniqueness about it. The conversation also included a matching nickname for Henry. Frederick = Frick, Henry = Frack, Frank = Frank. Karl also suggested for Frederick a derivation of the nickname his children sometimes call Frank, Uncle F-dog. I can not, for the life of me, remember how that came about, but there you go. The nickname would then be F-puppy or F-pup, and Henry of course would then be H-puppy or H-pup. Thank you Marci for reminding me of this!

Today Aunt Lois tried out Fred and yesterday she tried Fritz. I have to say I’m partial to Fritz because of how German it sounds. But late tonight Uncle Malcolm and Aunt Heather suggested that because he looks so very much like Frank that perhaps we ought to call him that. It’s something to think about. For now, no clear front runner for a nickname, so we will stick with Frederick for a while longer.

It was a beautiful day today in Florida. Today we bought the smallest swim diapers we could find, but Frederick’s still about 4 pounds shy of the suggested minimum weight. Nevertheless, hopefully tomorrow will be a warm sunny day for us to give them a whirl in a pool.

Planes, strollers and automobiles: the blow-by-blow

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8:00 am. The littlest Mr. Percic awakes. I begin packing up the bassinet that we have borrowed from our friends Dawn and Rod. It just *barely* fits in my Mom’s largest suitcase. Sweet!


Now I’ll just pack our stuff around it.
Uh oh. There is crying.

9:50 am. Good thing I did a bunch of prep last night because we’ve just been cycling through our normal routine and haven’t got much in the way of packing done.

11:00 am. Pick up will be here in 30 minutes and my hair is still soaking wet. Will Frederick like to be in the Bjorn while I dry my hair? … Why yes, he’s a lot calmer.

12:32 pm. 22 miles to Rockford, 109 miles to Chicago. All packed up with our friends and the littlest one is sleeping. We are on Route 20 and all is well.

1:11 pm. Stopped at Belvidere Oasis. Only people from Illinois will get that. Frederick is still sleeping. I’m contemplating waking him to feed him, but thinking that the “never wake a sleeping baby” adage perhaps applies.

5:00 pm. First class, baby! We were upgraded!!! The good luck continues. Here’s a photo from the American lounge at ORD.


8:50 pm. Arrived in Tampa. American Airlines Flight Attendant and crew give Frederick a First Flight Certificate. How sweet! Mama enjoys a delicious bloody mary, also sweet!



9:17 pm. Arrived at destination. It is so very lovely. We are very blessed. Mr. Percic was just a little fussy and only cried maybe 5 minutes total. Can you imagine? What a good little traveler! We are all set with diapers and wipes and looking forward to the next parts of our adventure.