Fancy pants


There was, for a time, some concern about how Frederick only had one pair of pants. Although he had about 100+ onesies and numerous playsuits and sleepers, we could not find any pants in our large stockpile of boys clothing.

The absence on any smallish pants had me thinking about Henry’s early days. Born in mid-April, we surely would have put some sort of leg covering on him, right?

So I consulted with my iPad, on which resides the indisputable facts… that in the first entire album of photos, Henry is either a. just in a diaper or b. in a sleeper or c. just in a onesie. No pants. Huh.

The fact that he’s in a sleeper so frequently is frankly, ironic, considering how little sleeping he actually did.

I am left to conclude that the acrobatics involved in getting a newborn in a diaper and any one other single garment was all my poor sleep-deprived self could handle. That, plus the additional steps (and additional laundry) of changing pants and a spit-uppy onesie would have been too much changing table time.

Sidebar: Henry had a touch more than average spitting up. Worried about him getting enough to eat, we probably overfed him. But I’m sure that will be the least of our crimes as parents. We’ll probably mess him up in totally unpredictable ways not yet known to us.

So I wanted to share this photographic evidence of the existence of at least one additional pair of pants for Frederick. There you have it.


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