September Saturday

Photos from an enjoyable lunch with Karla, Dawn, Ellie and meeting Christine for the first time.

Followed by some pics in the back yard of Henry and the toy (but working wood and metal) rake I just got him. Initially, when it arrived yesterday, he was way more interested in the giant box from Amazon, so I’m happy to see that he’s enjoying it. Plus we’re getting some work out of him….Beats $20 an hour! I also see some Christmas photos in our future 🙂

I’m also going to attempt to upload a video in the next post so we will see how that goes or if my phone locks up for the night. It shows Henry hard at work. He can really be a good helper!

After lunch, Frederick, Christine and I walked across the Stone Arch Bridge. We heard some music, like a choir, coming from the Mill City Museum. Lo and behold, it was a German band and singers and dancers performing in the MCM courtyard. Oktoberfest! I wish we could have stayed for a couple of biers, but Christine had to get going.

Anyone up for Gasthofs???

It was a good thing we left when we did, though, because it was diaper change / eating time for the little guy.





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