Why does my baby smell like chocolate?

I thought to myself this morning. Then I thought that maybe I was dieting a little too hard.

But no. I later discovered that my little guy had a whole fist full and half his head full of chocolate. I can only just imagine how it got there and the story Henry will tell of how it got there. Wow-za.

So we’ve been pretty busy the last couple of days. On Thursday we went over to see our friend Terri and her two children. It took an embarrassingly long time fir me to get myself and Frederick out if the house and on our way. And then when we got there I ended up inviting myself for lunch, but Terri was cool about it and we had a great conversation and it certainly was nice to reconnect.

Friday was pretty quiet, but I channelled my inner June Cleaver and had dinner about ready (risotto and Parmesan tilapia) along with a glass of wine when Frank came home from work.

It’s actually a little funny and sweet, it seems that having a second child has sparked some sort of playing out of traditional gender roles. I’m making dinner and Frank brings home flowers every weekend that he and Henry pick out.

Saturday we met our friends Dawn and Rod and their two girls, who are close in age to our guys, at the Mall of America (MOA). For those of you who haven’t been to MOA, there is an amusement park right inside the mall. So met in the morning and did some rides, followed by lunch in a super-busy food court. I marveled how we used to be four and now we were eight… this couple that we’ve known for a long time (Dawn and I went to grad school together) had blossomed to four, as had our little family.

You can see that we had a nice time at MOA. This is a photo of Henry on a rooster on his first time on a merry-go-round.

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