Starbucks, take me away!

Anyone remember an advertisement for Calgon bath products? That’s how I feel about my trip this morning to the Starbucks at Kowalskis market, which is around the corner (somewhat) from our house. Not that it was a particularly *bad* morning, but just that it was time to leave the house. But leaving the house always takes a bit longer than one thinks, now doesn’t it?

Anyways, I’ve now found my solace in a grande Salted Caramel macchiato. Have you tried this? It is quite yummy.

I’m not sure that it has the same 140 calories that a skinny caramel machiatto has, but it might just be worth blowing the diet, just for this morning? About that. So far I have lost at least 32 pounds since giving birth. That’s just crazy. But I still have a ways to go. I am approaching my pre-Frederick weight, however (from when I started tracking, anyways), so that is exciting. Apparently there WAS a lot of fluid i was carrying Round with me! Approaching pre-Henry weight will take a level of crazy that some of my friends and family members have, but sadly, I fear I have lost. I call it “crazy” but it’s probably more just discipline. Maybe it will return to me when a regular sleep z hede also returns.

I’m feeling a bit sheepish now because it really seemed too cold to me to want to bundle up and walk here, so I droveand promised myself I’d also run some errands. But now I see an elderly man mounting his spiffy three wheeled Schwinn Meridion and …. Oh well, I can take a walk around Babies R Us instead.

So yesterday I gave Frederick his first real bath. We had been sponge bathing him previously. But a giant blow-out prompted the need for one. He didn’t cry too much, but he did look at me several times as if to ask, “are you sure you know what you’re doing?” And so be smelled delightfully clean for about all of three hours, when he spit up an inordinate amount of formula on himself and his father. Working in a dairy, I can assure you that the smell of old formula is worse than the smell of old milk.

I just saw two slim pixie like petite women with short, sassy haircuts. One of them had the coolest purpleish tint to her dark, glossy locks. Don’t worry! I have forewarned my hair gal to not allow any dramatic shifts in hairstes or color at her or, more importantly, my request. I learned this the hard way after graduating from grad school and thinking that a sassy shorter cut would help me somehow – maybe be taken more seriously in consulting? As if looking like an outcast from Wham! would have such an effect.

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