Who’s wearing whom out?

Henry’s sleep schedule has never been ideal, but recently he’s started awaking in the middle of the night. We can only guess that it’s related to all the changes and possibly the need for reassurance? In the middle of the night? We are at a loss about this one. But anyways, it’s his sleep schedule thats been the most disruptive because he always, always wants Daddy, so even though Mama technically takes the night shift, Daddys sleep unfortunately gets interrupted as well. Couple that with his typical early wake times and when we can muster the energy ourselves, we sometimes endeavor to just wear that guy out!

So we let him ride his tricycle to Kowalskis for our coffee run. And he rode it the whole way there – and he whole way back. I was really surprised. I thought for sure we’d end up having to carry it (some way or another). The only catch was that we still don’t trust him to stop at intersections and part of our trek to the store is on the road due to lack of sidewalks, so someone has to kind of keep up with him. So Daddy gets an amazing little jogging workout this morning!

Same thing this afternoon after nap time, only this time to our local park. I’ll have to get the video clip uploaded of Henry furiously pedaling his red trike uphill and downhill while Daddy runs alongside. It’s too cute.


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