Frank’s mom (Reidun) and dad (August) and brother (Martin) from Norway were planning to stay with us shortly after the birth of Frederick.  Unfortunately, August fell ill in the summer and there was a lot of back and forth to the hospital for treatment and eventual surgery.  Fortunately, the surgery went well and he is recovering nicely at home.  However, because of the illness, August and Reidun decided to postpone their trip to a later date.

Martin decided to join us and arrived on Saturday, August 27.  Originally I was thinking this would be an imposition so close to the birth of our second child. What I didn’t anticipate was how helpful it was to have someone here to spend a little extra time with Henry.  I also didn’t anticipate how glad Henry was to have someone for him to play with.  Henry felt so special to have a special visitor and requested Martin’s time from sun up until sun down. It was a little funny to hear Martin remark about how much energy it took to keep up with Henry.  Tell me about it!

Henry and Martin played trains and puzzles and cars and Legos and watched videos together. It was really sweet.  I told Henry that Mama and Daddy and Frederick love him. I asked him who else loves him?  Uncle Martin! was the reply.  They shared ice pops and had a little race around who could finish the melted ice pop out of the plastic sleeve the fastest.  Martin even eventually got over his fear of holding the baby and did so for a few minutes.  It was a nice visit and we were glad to have had him.


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