I can’t remember nesting, really, when I was pregnant with Henry. But with Henry, even though I had him a mere three days before my due date, I was totally unsuspecting when it came to life after labor and delivery. I mean, I didn’t even have a bag packed to go to the hospital, for goodness’ sake! THREE days before my due date!

Almost as if to ensure going beyond my current due date, like having an umbrella with you on a cloudless day, my bag has been packed for some time. I really, truly believed I would go early, but that doesn’t seem to be the most likely scenario any longer. And in the meantime, I’ve been getting in some really serious nesting.

Take, for instance, with Henry my water broke at work. I grabbed my laptop and a few files off my desk and a coworker shuttled me to the hospital. This time, I was able to plan a more orderly transition which even included me cleaning my entire desk for my coordinator as well as a file which contained links to many working documents as well as status updates for many projects. This week we’re doing a “soft transition,” as I work from home and she gets acclimated to splitting time between my office and her own.

So, too, I have been trying to clear out / clean up around the house. We had a painter here today. I worked on getting rid of some old clothes (a story in and of itself, for another time). I uploaded photos from the camera. I worked on this blog. I put together a who to email list (sorry, there will be very few calls at the time of the blessed event). But how could this all take so long? And why do I feel like I just mshuffled the clutter around a bit?

Maybe nesting is more a function of passing time in concerted effort of *something* than actual achievement. Perhaps tomorrow my deliverable will be more substantial. Like 8 or so pounds worth.

Here’s hoping…


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